Night parties and workshops in one venue: Silesian Stadium

Silesian Stadium is probably the most extraordinary place we could imagine for hosting our festival! We have a huge space - the main room for parties and open workshop has more than 700m2 and the other room with mirrors has 300m2 (for Advanced Masterclass and Femininity class). Marathon Party has 500m2. The main room is soundinsulated to absorb noise which will help to hear our artists better.

Silesian Stadium is located in Silesian Park between Katowice and Chorzów. It is situated a 10-15 minutes walk from recommended hotels. Between the hotels and the stadium there is a huge market with groceries and many other articles (the shops are closed on Sunday though!). Workshops and the parties will be held in a building of the East stand (entrance through gate no. 7b) where you can see the Stadium and the pitch! We have a great sound system, many toilets, a couple of changing rooms as well as place to seat.

There will be two free cloakrooms available: the main one where you can leave your coats, shoes and luggage and smaller ones for ladies and for men where you can change your clothes. Please check out the building's layout!

There will be also a small cafe during the workshop where you will be able to buy coffee, tea, delicious juices and hopefully our favourite cheesecake ;)

During the parties there will be a bar where you can buy drinks both alcohol and aclohol-free ones!

It is forbidden, for the safety reasons, to bring food and any kind of drinks (including water) to the parties at Silesian Stadium (starting from 19:00)! Here’s a nice option for you unlimited water for the whole weekend! !. This concerns also Friday workshop, just before the first party: Terms, conditions and FAQ

This year, workshops will be held in two rooms: Open and Advanced Masterclass, please have a look at the building's plan!



Parties and Workshops: Silesian Stadium - GATE 7b - Katowicka 10 Street, 41-500 Chorzów City, Poland

Workshops and Parties Program

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Silesian Stadium


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Registration at the Silesian Zouk Festival will be possible:

Friday: 19:00 - 1:00 Saturday: 12:00 - 13:30

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