Hot lunches during workshops

Only 6€ for one-course lunch (12€ for two days)! You will have a chance to choose from vegan and meat lovers’ lunches! If you want to order lunches for 2 days, we kindly ask you to transfer money for them together with payment for the full pass and choose a correct ‘lunch’ option in the registration form. Price includes eco food packaging complying with governmental requirements


  1. Breaded chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and dried tomatoes, potatoes, side salad
  2. Pork loin, cream sauce with green pepper, potatoes, side salad
  3. Vegan: Moroccan style couscous with veggies, side salad


  1. Breaded chicken breast, red pesto, potatoes, side salad
  2. Pork roulade served with dumplings, gravy, side salad
  3. Vegan: vegetable balls with tomato sauce, rice, side salad


You can buy lunches only when registering until 25th of October - after this date it will no longer be possible to order lunches.

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