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This year apart from an open partner class, Jade will teach a very special Followers workshop! ❤️


Dear Followers! We would love to invite you to join 2h extra intensive class on Saturday evening - only for Followers!

Designed specifically to give Followers the time and space to understand complex movements alone, placed perfectly in the middle of the festival, so you can practice, gain confidence and enjoy your newly developed skills immediately in the amazing lineup of partner classes and feel the difference in your social dancing under the magical lights of Silesian Zouk Festival! ❤️

This intensive will focus on following travelling headmovements with ease and confidence, providing all the information you need to find more flow, control and of course Jade's favourite - FIRE 🔥

More about Jade:
She is passionate about simplifying complex movements for followers by sharing her vast technical knowledge and experience. She strongly believes that the most effective way to do this is in solo classes with space to help followers gain confidence to feel empowered in their own body and movement. She has amazing energy and you will all love her as much as we do! ❤️

First lot price: 80 PLN/18 EUR - price for 2h extra intensive class on Saturday evening - only for Followers! Option can be chosen in a further step of registration in an 'extra options' section

You need to have a full pass to buy extra FOLLOWERS ON FIRE classes - choose this option in registration form. If you are already registered for the festival, please submit this: extra FOLLOWERS ON FIRE form

*You need to have a festival pass to register for this extra paid Followers intensive. Workshop will be held if minimum 30 Followers are registered.

You need to secure a spot - you can make it before the festival through this fanpage Studio Masażu Joda or in person at the event (a limited number of spots available)

Hot lunches during workshops

Only 5,5€ for one-course lunch (11€ for two days)! You will have a chance to choose from vegan and meat lovers’ lunches! If you want to order lunches for 2 days, we kindly ask you to transfer money for them together with payment for the full pass and choose a correct ‘lunch’ option in the registration form. Price includes eco food packaging complying with governmental requirements


  1. Breaded chicken roulade with vegetables, bolied potatoes, salad
  3. Pork meatballs, gravy, pearl barley with fresh herbs, salad
  5. Vegan: vegetable falafel, pearl barley with fresh herbs, salad, vegan pesto


  1. Breaded chicken breast, pesto sauce, boiled potatoes, salad
  3. Pork: traditional Silesian pork roulade served with dumplings, gravy and salad
  5. Vegan: vegetable curry with coconut milk, rice, salad


You can buy lunches only when registering until 25th of October - after this date it will no longer be possible to order lunches.

During the parties there will be a bar where you can buy drinks both alcohol and aclohol-free ones!
It is forbidden, for the safety reasons, to bring any glass bottles and any alcohol at Silesian Stadium!
Thirsty during the parties and workshops? Here’s a nice option for you – free unlimited water for the whole weekend, just bring your own bottle!

There will be also a small cafe during the workshop where you will be able to buy coffee, tea, delicious juices and hopefully our favourite cheesecake ;)

First tickets will be available on 9 February 15:30 GMT+1

Tickets are available now

Party passes are not predicted this year. Buy your pass now before prices go up! Each ticket allows you to participate in workshops + social room + night parties.

Full Pass

Open Pass - main room. Open workshops, you do not need to register with a partner, there will be rotations in couples during classes. All day parties and 3 official night parties (Friday, Sat and Sun) included.

Group Full Pass

All from Open Pass - main room. Registration for everyone who has a discount code.

Advanced Course **

Only for advanced dancers! Advanced classes will be held in parallel with open workshop! 8h advanced masterclass + everything from Open Pass! Registration only in couples, there will be no rotation! Sold out!

** Advanced Masterclass Course option can be chosen in a further step of registration in an 'extra options' section. This way, it will be easier to transfer masterclass option to another person in case of necessity. Organizers can reject your registration for Advanced Masterclass Course!

Full Pass

Group Full Pass

Advanced Course ***

Until 14 June or 50 passes



Sold out!

Current prices are provided in the registration form -> Register and buy the ticket!

All prices in the table are per one person, you will find discount groups here!
*** Advanced Course price goes up every 10 passes

Register and buy the ticket!

Registration steps

Registration is possible through a special registration form -> we will send you a mail with confirmation of your registration -> depending on your country, we will send you all necessary bank account details -> then you have 48 hours to pay for your full pass. Please remember to have your ID with you while picking up your wristband at the Festival! From the moment of receiving the second mail from us (with the bank account number), you will have 48 hours to make money transfer and pay for your full pass. After 48h, the ticket goes back to the tickets’ pool and your registration is canceled.


We do not send any confirmations of receiving money transfer for passes, there are no electronic tickets - the only thing you need is your ID or passport to get a wrist band at the entrance to the event.

Workshops Program

Advanced class will be in parallel with regular workshop! Thus you choose either Advanced Masterclass Course pass or Open Pass (Full Pass) Silesian Zouk Festival pass. Check out the Workshops Program to see which option you should choose.

Important information

Full Pass: only 50 tickets are available at each of the prices. Advanced passes: only 10 passes are available at each of the prices. After all tickets at a given price are sold out, the price goes up to the next level as provided in the table above.

Resigning from attendance: Terms, conditions and FAQ

Advanced Course

Advanced class will be in parallel with regular workshop! Each person needs to register separately. The other person in the couple needs to provide your email address while registering! Please remember to register more or less at the same time because the price goes up after every more people registered for the course (and not couples)!

And what about nice discounts?

Contact us if you want to gather a group in your region and get a discount for full passes! Groups start from 5 people (a group creator is the 6th person), there will be discounts for group members and group creators! Our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You play music at the zouk parties, take nice photos or make movies?

You want to join our team? Please contact us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival office

You can collect your wristband:

Friday: 19:00 - 1:30 Saturday: 12:00 - 13:30 Saturday: 22:00 - 00:30

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