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Party passes are not predicted this year. Buy ticket now before they rise up!


until August 12

until September 12

Full Pass

85 €

90 €

Group Pass*

75 €

80 €

until October 12

until November 12

from October 12 & At the door

95 €

100 €

110 €

85 €

90 €


* All prices in the table are per one person, you will find discount groups here!
** only 30 full passes available at this price!

Register and buy the ticket! or provide us your email and we will send you a reminder before prices go up!

Workshops Program

Check the Workshops Program aby zobaczyć co dokładnie wybierasz.

Registration steps

Registration is possible through a special registration form -> we will send you a mail with confirmation of your registration -> depending on your country, we will send you all necessary bank account details -> then you have 48 hours to pay for your full pass.

Please remember to have your ID with you while picking up your wristband at the Festival!

From the moment of receiving the second mail from us (with the bank account number), you will have 48 hours to make money transfer and pay for your full pass. After 48h, the ticket goes back to the tickets’ pool and your registration is canceled.

Important information

50 tickets are available at each of the prices. After all tickets at a given price are sold out, the price goes up to the next level as provided in the table above. The maximum number of participants is 300

Resigning from attendance: Terms, conditions and FAQ

We will do our best to keep a good leader-follower ratio during the workshops!

And what about nice discounts?

Contact us if you want to gather a group in your region and get a discount for full passes! Groups start from 5 people (a group creator is the 6th person), there will be discounts for group members and group creators! Our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival office

Registration at the Silesian Zouk Festival will be possible:

Friday: 19:30 - 1:00 Saturday: 11:00 - 13:30

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