First tickets will be available in mid-February

Tickets are available now

Party passes are not predicted this year. Buy your pass now before prices go up!

Full Pass

Open Pass - main room. Open workshops with international instructors, you do not need to register with a partner, there will be rotations in couples during classes.

Discount Full Pass

Open Pass - main room. Registration for everyone who has a discount code, you do not need to register with a partner, there will be rotations in couples during classes.

Advanced Course

Only for advanced dancers! 8h advanced masterclass + 4h open workshop! Registration only in couples, there will be no rotation! Maximum 30 couples. Organizers can reject your registration!

Each ticket allows you to participate in workshops + social room + night parties. There are no party passes available!

*** it will not be possible to buy a ticket at the door
* All prices in the table are per one person, you will find discount groups here!
** only 30 full passes available at this price!

Workshops Program

Advanced class will be in parallel with regular workshop! Thus you choose either Advanced Masterclass Course pass or Open Pass (Full Pass) Silesian Zouk Festival pass.

Check out the Workshops Program to see which option you should choose.

Registration steps

Registration is possible through a special registration form -> we will send you a mail with confirmation of your registration -> depending on your country, we will send you all necessary bank account details -> then you have 48 hours to pay for your full pass.

Please remember to have your ID with you while picking up your wristband at the Festival!

From the moment of receiving the second mail from us (with the bank account number), you will have 48 hours to make money transfer and pay for your full pass. After 48h, the ticket goes back to the tickets’ pool and your registration is canceled.

Important information

Full Pass only 50 tickets are available at each of the prices. Advanced passes - only 5 couples (10 passes). After all tickets at a given price are sold out, the price goes up to the next level as provided in the table above.

Resigning from attendance: Terms, conditions and FAQ

Advanced Pass

The other person in the couple needs to provide your email address while registering!

Please remember to register more or less at the same time because the price goes up after every more people registered dor the course (and not couples)!

And what about nice discounts?

Contact us if you want to gather a group in your region and get a discount for full passes! Groups start from 5 people (a group creator is the 6th person), there will be discounts for group members and group creators! Our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival office

Registration at the Silesian Zouk Festival will be possible:

Friday: 19:00 - 1:00 Saturday: 12:00 - 13:30

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