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You're planning to be in Katowice before the festival or maybe stay longer after the weekend? 😁 Here are some ideas on what you can do and see in the area 💡

1. Silesian Park - twice as large as the Central Park in NY 🗽! You can have very nice walks around the park, there is a ZOO, 'Elka' Cableway, Silesian Planetarium, a nice restaurant 'Łania' with traditional food and of course... the Silesian Stadium! 🏟 more info about attractions of the Park here: parkslaski.pl

2. Katowice city center with the Silesian Museum, modern buildings of NOSPR and International Congress Center and of course 'Spodek' 🛸 which is a very iconic building here 😊 So have a walk around the city center, grab something to eat in one of the restaurants and cafés and enjoy your time! ❤️

3. Nikiszowiec is on the UNESCO Heritage List - one of the most iconic districts of Katowice, you can read about its history here nikiszowiec.com.pl Make sure to eat traditional Silesian 'rolada' with dumplings and red cabbage! ❤️ We recommend one from Cafe Byfyj 😊

4. A unique attraction of Silesian region: GUIDO coal mine which is open for visitors, you can do a tour here and spend time in underground corridors, There is even a pub... 320 meters underground! kopalniaguido.pl

5. For a further one-day trip you can quickly reach Kraków from Katowice - a beautiful city full of history, a former capital of Poland! 🇵🇱

6. Very close to Kraków, you will find a very unique place, the Wieliczka salt mine with its beautiful and extraordinary underground chapel - definitely worth a visit! wieliczka-saltmine.com

7. Don't forget to join our unofficial pre and after parties on Thursday and Monday! ❤️ More info in the program!

More info and the map: welcome.katowice.eu

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