Resigning from attendance:
There are no refunds but it is possible to transfer a pass to another person. Until 10th of November you can transfer your pass to another person. There is one rule though to keep a leader-follower ratio: a leader can only transfer a pass to another leader and a follower can transfer a pass to another follower OR to a leader.
In order to transfer your pass, please contact us first by email: - new owner must register: Choose your ticket | Wybierz bilet -> I am buying a full pass from someone else | Odkupuję bilet od innej osoby -> Present full pass holder's email l Email obecnego posiadacza.

  • Until the 1st of October, transferring a pass is possible without any additional costs.
  • Until 2nd of November, a new owner of the pass needs to pay a 5 EUR / 20 zł fee!
  • Until 10th of November, a new owner of the pass needs to pay a 10 EUR / 40 zł fee!
  • After 10th of November, transferring a pass to another person will no longer be possible!

Rules in the music club (parties spot):
It is forbidden to bring food or any kind of drinks (including water) to the club. However, you can leave everything in the paid coatroom. There is a possiblity to buy food and drinks at the bar inside the club. Check the unlimited water option 6,5€ for the whole weekend!

The club's coatroom is extra paid at the entrance!

If you arrive on Friday straight to the club, it is possible to leave your suitcase in the club's coatroom.

We do not send any confirmations of receiving money transfer for passes, there are no electronic tickets - the only thing you need is your ID or passport to get a wrist band at the entrance to the event.

Important information
The organisers can change the event's program or replace the artists (only due to unforeseeable circumnstances). This kind of changes do not entitle to returning a pass.

The organisers of Silesian Zouk Festival do not take responsibility for the participants' belongings left at the workshop, parties venues or in the hotels.

All participants who decide to take part in the event are aware of their health conditions and take a full responsibility for their participation in the festival. The event's organisers do not take any responsibility for injuries of the participants that might occur during the Silesian Zouk Festival.

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Festival office

Registration at the Silesian Zouk Festival will be possible:

Friday - workshop and party venue (the same place) 19:30 - 2:00 Saturday - workshop venue 11:00 - 13:30
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