DJ Zensy

DJ Zensy (Greg) from the Netherlands (originally Surinam) already started Djing since high school. Enticing people with his music, has always been one of his passions, either as DJ or musician. In 2004 he picked up partner dancing and after some years of Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Tango dancing, he fully dedicated to Brazilian Zouk in 2015.

Being inspired by the dance and the versatility of the music and styles he picked up DJing again in 2017. Since then he has played at many international festivals and retreats in Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kroatia, Spain, Ukraine, Thailand and Mexico.

His style covers a wide variety, ranging from Traditional Zouk to Neozouk, RnB, Chill, Trance, EDM, Tribal and Lyrical and if the audience is up to it, more contemporary zoukable music. Being also a musician, he matches songs on different aspects of Energy, Rhythm, Flow and Musicality, taking the dancers on a journey when he plays. Fans describe him as follows:

“DJ Zensy’s main qualities are that he is versatile in his style and has a good sense of atmosphere”

“He is not playing for himself but for the audience; He feels the energy of the room and has a good sense of what would bring the dancers further into a nice state of bliss.”

“With his choice of music, DJ Zensy helps me to be able to immerse myself in the dancing, in the moment and to enjoy the flow that Zouk dancing can bring me. He has an excellent sense of atmosphere, so that the music is tuned to what the audience wants and he is also open to suggestions for new music that matches it. In any case, he always makes me very happy and relaxed!”

“Dj Zensy plays musics with high vibrations that settle a magical atmosphere on the dancefloor. For one, dancing on his set increases the capacity to deeply connect with dance partner, and sometimes highlights new songs to put in your favorites ! I had many great dances on his sets which I never miss!”


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