DJ Dunaj

Analyst, DJ, dance instructor and great enthusiast of Brazilian Zouk. DJ Dunaj comes from and lives in Łódź, where in 2010 he began his adventure with dance. Supported by almost 12 years of experience with musical atmosphere and latin parties, he spent the last 5 years playing as a DJ or teaching mainly at zouk dance event in Poland and abroad (such as Warsaw ZF, Bachaturo, Wroclove ZF, Bonn Zoukstyles, Zouktime Holidays, Ukrainian Zouk Carnival, Brasilesia Zouk Festival, Contemporary Zouk, Zouk Island Marathon, Freedom Zouk Festival). At that time, he had already developed his own musical style, which can be described as a smooth balancing on the border of heavier, deeper and slower sounds and light fast hits with a lot of slowdowns and musical accents. With the right audience and atmosphere on the dance floor, he also occasionally flows towards more sensual contemporary pieces or mesmerizing trans and neo-zouk style pieces.

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