DJ Avik

Avik's first encounter with Brazilian Zouk took place in 2014. At first, the music which usually Brazilian Zouk was danced to in his hometown had a bit more sensual flavor but with time he learned that other sort of music genres blends with zouk flawlessly and from this day he fell for it completely.

You can hear him at the biggest events in Poland.

His music taste is quite diverse. He listens to various music genres, which is reflected in the music which he plays at parties. He can serve you lyrical songs that you will melt into, songs with soft beat and melody, highly energetic songs, vocal-focused songs, songs with a strong beat, or more experimental tracks. The main factor he takes into consideration while mixing, are people on the dance floor and how music resonates with them. The best thing in mixing is when dancers create a new, beautiful story to the beats and music you have selected. And this is the most beautiful thing in zouk – the freedom of music interpretation, which is the main reason why he loves performing at zouk parties.

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