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DJ Viking

DJ Viking aka Petter Nøding

Petter Nøding (12.03.1990) from Norway, also known nowadays as DJ Viking or the norwegian zouk viking, grew up in a very creative environment in the capital of Norway; Oslo. He had lots of possibilities to develop his interests which was acting, performing, music, dance, painting, singing, instruments and other things you can do on a stage or to express yourself in a creative way.

When he entered his teenage years, music and instruments became his biggest love, and he developed a big talent playing drums, but also guitar, bass, piano and singing. He became a muscian throughout his teenage years and used in total 10 years building a few bands, releasing music, composing, working with a studio and distribution company, playing concerts almost every weekend, teaching different instruments, building up the local scene and running musical workshops at the local club and organizing alot of smaller festivals.

At the age of 22/23, his musical career, slowly started to fade out and his bands drifted apart. By random chance (or maybe faith?), he was introduced to the small zouk scene in Oslo. He quickly fell in love with zouk and went all-in, which means his life now was all about dancing. His second passion, was fitness, nutrition and powerlifting - health in general, which is also where his nickname "Viking" comes from. Through 2 years he explored the dancing scene in Oslo, and traveled the world to learn more about his new passion - brazilian zouk. He explored alot of other styles of dance too, but zouk remained the biggest passion, and everything he could learn from other people and other styles of dance, he brought back to his zouk. With his 10 years of being a muscian and open mind willing to learn everything, he grew fast and developed alot - working most on his own expression and techniqual understanding in dance.

Between year number 2 and 3, the need to assist more in classes, teach more + starting to DJ, became more and more imminent. His path and his evolution led him in this direction, and he became, after a while, a proud member of the teachers team at norways biggest and number one zouk school; Moments Dance Company - where he still teaches and DJ every week. His background from playing drums, being a creative child and working with music and teaching so many years before, gave him an advantage in developing his danceskills and path to becoming a dance teacher, but also a really big advantage when he started to DJ. He always say "the magic is in the details which no one else can see or understand, but they can feel it as an experience".

As a DJ, he plays for the dancefloor, to make everyone feel alive. Trying to create a magical atmosphere based on his own taste and his colorful background, but also what people wants and reacts too. Petter says "For me, zouk is about contact, energy, connection and feeling. Creating the right atmosphere and make people remember these 4 things, the right music needs to be represented. But balance between styles, genres and energys is also a must in my sets. Most of all, i want people to feel and express themself in zouk. The expression comes from a feeling inside your body, which ends in a movement you are creating with your partner. This is a conversation, two ways and neverending when we're dancing, where breathing, feelings, contact and techniques are involved.

We listen, we give, we absorb, we interpretate each other - result; total synergy. Lets connect, lets be sensual. Let me take you on this journey. I am DJ Viking". Nowadays, Petter is traveling the world and building the local scene in Norway as a DJ, teacher and socialdancer. Quote "I love the zouk community and starting with zouk and dance in general, is the best thing i ever did for my life. The best thing in life is being able to work with what you love and sharing your passion. Thank you

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